Main features of 3D4BRASS

The only 3D printing system to process brass

3D4BRASS is the only 3D printer in the world capable of producing components directly in brass without intermediary steps.

Maximum productive speed attainable

Rapid dispersal time to speed additive construction time and reduce production costs

Built-in automatic recovery of powders

After each Job lot unconsolidatd powder is automatically recovered and the machine is ready to restart in a few minutes reducing set-up costs

System specialized in processing brass

Strategic parts of the machine are maximized for the additive production of high-reflective materials such as brass and copper based alloys and are customized for the productive needs of your company

Maximum geometrics freedom attainable

Thanks to the potential of metal additive you can easily obtain ready assemble complex components with shaped channels and “impossible geometries"

Economic and safe productive cycle

3D4BRASS uses nitrogen which is extracted free from the air via a generator reducing risks for operators and avoiding the use of white chambers.

Inclusion in Industry 4.0

The development team will incorporate 3D4BRASS within the management of your company to exploit all the benefits reserved for Industry 4.0 and launch your production into the future

Prototyping and speedy production

In a few hours you can obtain functional prototypes ready for validation and micro-seriesof complex components significantly reducing time to market

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